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Moodle - Faculty QuickStart Guide: Assessment Wiki

This faculty quickstart guide for getting started with Moodle includes information about course settings, adding resources, setting up and conducting activities, and user profiles.

Moodle - Wiki

The wiki can be used for a variety of tasks. For example, in many organizations, committees are formed to write policies, plans, procedures, curriculum, etc. The wiki opens the door to true collaborative efforts, allowing everyone to contribute bits and pieces here and there to create a better end result. 

Assessment uses wiki to collaboratively work on Mission Statements, Objective, Outcomes, Instruction, and so on.  For further insight go to

In this step-by-step LibGuide we'll look at:

Viewing your wiki:

To open a wiki, click on the wiki link on the front page of your Assessment course.

When you first open a wiki, before any text has been added, you'll see the wiki in Edit mode. 


Once you've added text and Saved, you'll see the wiki in View mode.


Editing your wiki:

To edit further, click on the Edit tab.

In the edit mode you can use rich text formatting such as Bold, Underline, text colors, etc. 

You can also use HTML formatting by clicking on the symbol at the right-hand side of the format tool bar.  

You can increase your editing space by clicking on the symbol also at the right-hand side of the tool bar.

Alsways remember to click when you are through editing your wiki.


To add a wiki to your course:

Most of the wiki's you need are already in your course; Mission Statements, Objective, Outcomes, Instruction, and so on. If you need to add another wiki: 


Click the Add an Activity drop down arrow and choose Wiki

Name: Type a name that will appear as the link from the main page for the wiki

Summary: Describe the wiki so that all know its purpose.  Include directions for how to interact with the wiki here.

Set the Type as Group

(Click on the Show Advanced and set the rest as follows:)


Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

You will see your new wiki on the front page of your course