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Moodle - Faculty QuickStart Guide: Grades/Scales

This faculty quickstart guide for getting started with Moodle includes information about course settings, adding resources, setting up and conducting activities, and user profiles.

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Moodle - Grades and Scales

Grades and Scales

  1. Viewing Grades for Individual Assignments
  2. Viewing the Gradebook
  3. Instructor Options

Moodle has a built-in gradebook that closely integrates the assignment tool with instructors' grading functions.  Grades are assigned from individual assignments, and the grade information is automatically transferred to the gradebook.  This portion of the Using Moodle guide will provide information on grades in Moodle for both students and instructors.

Viewing Grades for Individual Assignments

If your instructor is using the online grading options provided by Moodle, you can view feedback and grades for your assignments from the assignment itself.  Locate your assignment in the course space, then click on the assignment name or icon (Assignment) to view the assignment.

If your instructor has provided feedback or a grade, you will see this information above the assignment you submitted (if applicable):

Sample grade/feedback

Some assignment types allow instructors to add attachments along with feedback and grades.  If your instructor has included an attachment, this will be displayed below the feedback and grade information.

Feedback with attachment

To view the attachment, click on the filename or icon.

You can also view grade information by clicking on the Assignment link in the Activities block:

Activities block

You will then see a list of all the assignments for your class.  Your grade information will be in the far right hand column:

Assignment List with Grade

Viewing the Gradebook

If your instructor is using the online grading options provided by Moodle, you can view you entry in the course gradebook in addition to viewing grades for individual assignments.

To view your entry in the Moodle gradebook, click on the Grades link in the Administration block.

Depending on the way your instructor has configured the gradebook, you will either see your grades, item by item:

Grades for Individual Items

or by category:

Grades displayed by category

A word of caution: by default, the gradebook displays final grades cumulatively, so your "final grade" may appear to be far worse than it actually is if you have not yet submitted all assignments.

Instructor Options

Assigning Grades

Grades are input at the level of the individual assignment.  Once you've set up an assignment, a link in the upper right hand corner will display the number of submitted assignments:

View x submitted assignments

To access the grading area, click on this link.

Once in the grading area, you'll see a list of all of your students:

Grade area roster

If students have submitted assignments to you through the assignment tool, you will see each student's submission listed in line with his or her name:

Submitted assignment

To access the file the student has submitted, click on the filename or icon.  Assignment submissions are time- and date-stamped, and this information is included along with the submitted file.

To assign a grade, click on peach-shaded Grade button.  A pop-up window will open, and you will be able to input grades student by student.

The upper portion of the new window will display the grading interface and options:

Grade input interface

The lower portion of the new window will display the student's information, the submitted assignment (if applicable), and the time and date stamp for the assignment's submission.  The time and date stamp will indicate how early or late the assignment was submitted.

Student submission information

If you are using the Advanced Uploading of Files assignment type (as displayed above), you will see the list of files submitted by the student, and can delete these submissions or revert the student's submission to draft, if appropriate.

In the upper left hand corner of this new window, a drop down menu allows you to select a grade from the scale designated when you created the assignment.  Type or paste in any comments in the rich text editor.

If you are using the Advanced Uploading of Files assignment type (as displayed above), you will also be able to attach a file.  Please note that you may wish to attach your file(s) before inputting the grade and feedback, as this information will be wiped out when the page refreshes to display the uploaded file.

Once you've selected the grade, entered in any feedback, and attached a file if appropriate, click on Save changes to save this grade, Cancel to cancel, Save and show next to save this grade and move on to the next student, or Next to move on to the next student without grading.  The pop-up window will close, and you'll see the grade and feedback you just added in the grading area in line with the student's name:

Yay! Grades!

The Last modified (Instructor) field will display the time- and date-stamp for your grade submission.  If you wish to change this grade, click on Update in the Status column at the far right.  The grades you input will automatically show up in the gradebook, and students will be able to view your grades and feedback from the assignment itself.

Grading Interface Options

Instructors are able to configure display options in the grading interface.  At the bottom of the grading interface, two options are displayed:

Grading configuration options

Submissions shown per page allows you to change the number of assignments shown on a single page.
Allow quick grading allows you to quickly input grades and comments from the grading interface rather than from the pop-up grading window.  Selecting this option, then clicking on Save Preferences.  The page will refresh, and the display will change:

quick grading

From this screen, you can select grades from the drop-down menu, type or paste in comments, then click on Save all my feedback to submit the assigned grades.