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Moodle - Faculty QuickStart Guide: Accounts/Passwords

This faculty quickstart guide for getting started with Moodle includes information about course settings, adding resources, setting up and conducting activities, and user profiles.

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Accounts and Passwords

Getting Started in Moodle

  1. Accounts and Passwords
  2. Moodle Login Page
  3. Editing your Profile

Accounts and Passwords

Your Moodle username will be your MyWhittier username
Your Moodle password will be your MyWhittier password

By default, all members of the Whittier College community have an account in Moodle, and have access to course spaces.  In order to fully participate in courses, you will need to be enrolled in that class. 

Moodle Login Page


Once you sign in to Moodle you'll see the Navigation block in the upper left-hand corner, and Site news in the middle column.  This page will provide your gateway to school resources, your courses, and more.

Editing your Profile

To change or add information about yourself, such as your picture or interests, click on My profile settings in the box below Administration on the left side of the screen, then click Edit settings..

Your profile will open, showing the information others can see about you. Click the Expand all  link to open all the options (upload an image, or add/change other pieces of information.)  Scroll down and click Update profile when finished.

You can also customize a number of settings that will help make your use of Moodle more productive.

  • Email format: You can choose to have emails sent from Moodle in Plain text format or Pretty HTML format. HTML format will include images and the Moodle color scheme in emails, but will be slightly larger in size.
  • Forum auto-subscribe: If you select yes for this it will mean that when you post a message to a forum, you will be subscribed to that forum and receive email copies of all messages for that forum. You may unsubscribe from forums if you wish as well (do not unsubscribe to forums required by your teacher.)
  • Email digest type: You may choose to receive all emails from Moodle in one daily message. There is also the option to receive either the complete message or just the Subjects from forums you subscribe to.
  • Forum tracking: This is a useful option to enable. If it is enabled on your Moodle site it will highlight unread forum messages so you can easily see what is new.

Once you are done making your changes, click on Update profile to leave this page.