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New Faculty Quickstart Guide: Welcome!

A guide for new faculty at Whittier College with information about library services and collections.

Ask a Librarian Now!

Argos- Print roster with pictures

  • Logon to my.whittier
  • Click on the Directory tab
  • Click on Photo Directories

(you may need to logon again… same username password)

  • Click on Students by course (your course should come up)

(if it doesn’t Click on All Classes)

If you need to run the report

  • Click on Reports (Grey bar up above)
  • Click WC Facebook report (the only one available)
  • Click Run

Proceed as you would with any pdf

Welcome to the faculty quickstart guide!

We have created this guide as a handy tool for both new faculty and returning faculty that need to brush up on how to utilize the library and its resources. This guide will show you how to:

  • Find Resources (books, eBooks and articles)
  • Use Library Services (identify subject librarian, book instruction, use course reserves, and scan)
  • Identify Library Police (borrowing)
  • Access useful information For Your Students (subject area guides, citation, and student Moodle basics)
  • Learn Moodle Basics (importing past course, backup/restore past course, gradebook, adding or removing user

You can also find Wardman Library on facebook and twitter.

Course Reserves

Students often request books assigned for class. To provide access to books or DVDs, faculty may bring in their own copies or if the library owns a copies, may request that the book be placed on reserve. Students will have access to the book two hours at a time for use in the library.

Fill out the Course Reserves Request form and return to staff at the library to request books or DVDs be placed on reserve.

Whittier College Authors

The Whittier College Authors is a collection of Faculty publications. 

Search the Library CATALOG