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Political Science: Getting Started

A guide to doing political science research at Bonnie Bell Wardman Library.

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About the political science guide

This online guide to research at Bonnie Bell Wardman Library is intended to assist students as they formulate, develop, and complete research projects within the Whittier College political science curriculum.

Learning is a collaborative process, and beginning researchers will find the maxim true of the research process, as well. Keeping this idea in mind, we expect this political science guide to be an ever-changing, dynamic site that will metamorphose and expand as students and teachers contribute commentary, assistance, and suggestions for including additional resources: We encourage the research community to help improve the guide in this manner via the spaces allotted for commentary on individual pages, and/or by emailing the reference librarian (link at right).

Thank you for visiting!

New resources at Wardman Library related to Political Science