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Intro to Library Research: Find Articles

This guide is a starting point for doing research at Wardman Library, finding and evaluating scholarly resources, and getting additional writing help.

Where to Start: Scholarly Articles

The following general databases are multidisciplinary and cover a broad range of subject areas. If you're not sure where to begin, we recommend one of these:

Where to Start: Newspapers

The following databases provide access to national and international newspapers:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be far more useful in locating scholarly resources than the default Google search. However, be aware that in most cases Google Scholar only provides a citation, not the full text of an article.

If you find a useful article through Google Scholar, use our "Finding Full Text Articles" guide to locate the full text of the article in one of our databases.

Wardman Library Databases

Wardman Library provides access to a number of general, interdisciplinary, and subject-specific databases. You can find the complete list on our Databases by Subject page. If you are looking for an article published in a specific journal (e.g. Journal of Medical Ethics), use our Journal A-Z list to find out which database you should search.

What is a Library Database?

Click on the green center arrow below to begin the tutorial. (text version | more info)

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