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Special Collections & Archives: COVID-19 @Whittier College Archive

Creating a "COVID-19 @ Whittier College" Archive

What has been your COVID-19 Experience at Whittier College?

The Library is attempting to collect the experiences of the Whittier College community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to archive and share the stories, photographs, videos, and other documents of your experience.  While we have returned to campus, the impact of COVID-19 continues. 

If you have been a part of the Whittier College community between March 2020 and now--we want to document your experience!

Please take a look at what we currently have in our COVID-19 @ Whittier College Archive and contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Things to remember...

Note about privacy

  • We do intend for this to be a public project so do not share things you may not want the world to know OR you can do it anonymously.
  • Since this is a healthy emergency, we ask that you be aware of sharing personal medical information of you or others in your observations. 


  • Who can submit content?  Any student, faculty, or staff.
  • How do I submit content? Begin by contacting us at
  • Other questions?  Please contact

COVID-19 @ Whittier College

What should I save and send?

  • Whatever you are thinking, experiencing, or observing about the pandemic.  Really anything of interest because it will provide a point of view often missing from documenting historical events.  
  • Writings, whether that be in the form of a short diary, reflections, or opinions, photographs, and videos are all of interest.  

How do I do that?

  • Maybe writing a paper for an assignment with the focus of COVID-19 or it could be some personal experiences or reflections you want to share as a representative of Whittier College.
  • Any written format is okay but PDF or Word is preferred.
  • Photographs can be shared in the jpeg or tiff formats.
  • MP4 video files or audio MP3 files can also be included.

What will the Library do with my materials?

  • The Library will follow archival practices and catalog the materials under the name of their creator (writer, photographer, or recorder).
  • The materials will go into Wardman Library's Special Collection and Archives.  Specifically, the goal will be to make them available in the COVID-19 @ Whittier College archive in Poet Commons which has recently been established as our digital repository.  We hope to make Poet Commons a digital archive for student and faculty scholarship as well as institutional history and publications.