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Special Collections & Archive hours:

Wednesday & Thursday 12pm to 2pm 

For appointments: 562.907.4843

Reproduction and Usage Policies and Request Form

To request a reproduction from our collections patrons must fill out the form above. Requests are either for a personal reproduction, or, for publication and reproduction requests. However, patrons are allowed to use their own devices to take pictures of those materials not held in copyright and without restrictions. 

Acquisitions & Donations

Please contact the library if you have materials that you wish to donate 

The Special Collections & Archives at the Wardman Library acquires materials that has research and historical value to the Whittier College community.  Reflecting the College's yearly functions in the areas of administration, teaching, research, student activities, and cultural enrichment, as well as items documenting the achievements of faculty, staff, and students. Archival material in all formats are deemed to have historical value if they relate directly to core values, mission, and activities of the Whittier College. The library reserves the right to decline or deaccession materials that do not fit our collection policy.

Special Collections & Archives at the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library

The Special Collections & Archives is the official home for Whittier College's historical documents, photographs, publications, and other campus related material. The collection is a representative record of Whittier College history and the surrounding Whittier community. The archive provides primary resource materials for students, faculty, alumni, scholars, and researchers. 

Core Mission: To provide access and research services to Whittier College affiliates and independent researchers. We appraise, collect, arrange, describe, and preserve materials of historical value that are directly related to Whittier College students, faculty, alumni, and college affiliations within the local community.

Search our Special Collections using the library CATALOG and the Online Archive of California to locate items.


All new patrons must provide the staff with an I.D. for access.  Please fill out the Item Request Form to retrieve materials. While handling collections patrons may use pencils, laptops, notebooks, and digital cameras. Food and drink are not allowed near our collections. Many of the items in our Special Collections are rare, unique, or fragile. To ensure their continued stability, please follow specific handling protocol.

Recent Additions

Oxford Penny Magazine 1835
Matrix 14
Diana from Penny Magazine 1835
Codex Mendoza
Matrix 17
Matrix 21
Matrix 4
Wang Luyan Book

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Item Requests

Search our Special Collections then fill out the Item Request Form.


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