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Senior Works - Poet Commons

This guide shares information on how Whittier College seniors can deposit and archive their senior works into the Wardman Library's digital repository, Poet Commons. Using Poet Commons will provide digital preservation as well as worldwide exposure to th

How to deposit your work

  • Email the completed submission form to the Library.  Once you complete the submission form and have collected the proper signatures, you can email the form to OR deliver it to the Wardman Library circulation desk.

  • Deposit the work into Poet Commons. 

    1. If you do not have an author's account, begin by going to Poet Commons and clicking on "My Author's Account" at the top.

    2. Click on "Log in with your MyWhittier account by using your MyWhittier credentials.

    3. Click on "Submit Research" located on the left side under Author Corner.

    4. Under Student Scholarship & Research, locate Theses and Disserations.  Click on the appropriate academic department.  

    5. Complete each field with the appropriate information.  If you are not sure what to put into a field, leave it blank and contact the Library. We can advise and add the information if needed.  Most of the fields are self-explanatory (e.g. title, author) but here is additional information that is requested during the deposit process.

      • Date of Award - If you are graduating in the spring, you can select "Spring" under season or "May" under Month.  The specific day is not required but the year is.

      • Delay of Publication - If you would prefer that your work is not immediately accessible, you could select it be embargoed by selecting "Yes."  If you have no preference, you should select "No."

      • Embargo Period - If you selected "Yes" to the previous field, you can select a time period to embargo (or hide) your work from public view.  The preselected options range from 1 year to 10 years.  If you prefer a different period of time, please contact the Library for options.

      • Document Type - For the purposes of your deposit, you should select "Thesis" if you want your work to be open to the world OR "Restricted Access - Whittier College Users Only" if you only want current Whittier College students, faculty and staff to have access to your work.

      • First Advisor, Second Advisor, and Third Advisor - If you only have one advisor, you can add them to the First Advisor field.  Be sure that their name is spelled correctly.  If you have additional advisors, you can include them into the additional fields.

      • Keywords - Keywords enhance the indexing and discoverability of your work.  

      • Abstract - An abstract is required on the submission form.  You can copy and paste that abstract to this field.  Be sure to confirm that the spelling, grammar, and formatting are correct.

    6. Once all the appropriate fields are completed.  You can upload the file.  We recommend using the "Upload file from computer" option.

    7. If you have additional or supplemental files, you can check the box.  When you click submit, you will be brought to a page where you can upload those files.  You can also select whether they are viewable by the public or hidden from public view by checking or unchecking the "show" box.  You must click "save" before clicking continue.

    8. Before submitting your file, you can select to attach a Creative Commons License to your work by selecting an option from the drop down.  For more information, visit the Creative Commons site.

    9. Your work is not yet deposited!  The final step is to scroll to the bottom of the next page and click "Public & Update Selected."