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Special Collections & Archives: Whittier College Archives


The Whittier College Archives is composed of photographs, epehemera and realia, pamphlets, Whittier College Bulletin, student and faculty handbooks, faculty publications, student publications including The Quaker Campus school newspaper and Acropolis yearbook, scrapbooks, AV materials, and manuscripts.

Quaker Campus Online

Whittier College's school newspaper, The Quaker Campus, has been in continuous publication since 1914. We have digitized many issues of the Quaker Campus which are now fully searchable in our digital collections. As of now, the Quaker Campus has been digitized from 1989-2003. We are continuing to digitize the newspaper, and new issues will be added online as they become available.

Property and literary rights reside with Wardman Library, Whittier College. For permission to reproduce or publish, or to arrange to examine original issues of the QC, please contact Special Collections.

Collection Status

We are currently assessing our College Archives collection. Finding aids will be made available soon. Please contact the Library if you would like to know more about this collection.


These videos celebrate the history of Whittier College. Enjoy!

The following video was made in 2013 by our library staff to commemorate the 10th anniversary of our remodel. Enjoy!

The following video, digitally archived by British Pathé, shows Whittier College students in 1970.