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Education and Child Development: Getting Started

A general guide to resources to help you research topics in Education and Child Development.

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Welcome to the Educational and Child Development research guide!

Purpose of this Guide

This online research guide was created to assist Education and Child Development students locate, evaluate, and cite physical and digital library materials. It is intended to compliment and support the Education and Child Development curriculum at Whittier College. 

Whether you are exploring a topic, searching for a specific source, refining your research, needing help citations, or looking to delve deeper into an area within Education and Child Development, you've come to the right place!

How to Use this Guide

Click on any of the blue tabs near the top of the page to navigate to another area within this guide. 

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any specific questions about this guide, need help with your research, finding material, or citing a source, click on the name of the librarian to the right. 

You can also go to Contact the Library on our homepage. 

We encourage students and professors to contact us with any suggestions on how to improve this guide. It is meant to be an evolving and dynamic source that serves our scholarly community.