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Media and Academic Technology Services: Learn about Digital Storytelling

Media Services at Wardman Library.

Feature for Fall 2014: Art of the Eighteenth Century Digital Project

You have been asked to design a picturesque garden on the College campus resembling Stowe, as it was in 1777.

Digital Storytelling as Pedagogy

Active learning in Digital Storytelling has a social context.  Students are engaged in the learning process by sharing and learning from other students.  Digital Storytelling at Whittier College is used as a vehicle to expand digital, visual, textual, and technological skills required for 21st Century learning and teaching.  It is also used to engage students into a collaborative and creative process that enables them to be independent learners who can assess their work and grow from the experience.  Digital stories can demonstrate the range of creativity and technological skills acquired by students.  The entire process of creating a digital story is assessed through specific rubrics that examine a point of view and/or dramatic question, choice of content and documentation, narratives and visual, and collaboration.