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Whittier College Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC): Welcome!

Beginning in Fall 2019, Wardman Library will be working with this student advisory council to better address the needs of our student population.

What is SLAC?

Established in Fall 2019, Wardman Library's Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) gives students an active voice in library-related issues on campus.  This council serves as a two-way forum for information exchange between students and Wardman Library.  Meetings are scheduled twice per semester (Fall and Spring). Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.  

SLAC was paused during the 2020-21 academic year due to the pandemic and shift to remote learning but we want to get re-start this effort and give you a voice in Library's direction.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us at


The Student Library Advisory Council is charged with maintaining effective communication channels between student organizations, their members, and Wardman Library.  The Student Library Advisory Council serves as a conduit for the transmission of student needs and concerns to the administration and staff of Wardman Library.

SLAC annual reports

Upcoming membership for 2021-22

The Council's membership will be comprised of students and library staff.  Students will be required to serve a one-year term but could serve an additional term.

The goal of membership is to have an even distribution of seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, commuters, and campus residents.  In addition, the council will have representation from ASWC and library student staff.‚Äč

We will have a call for membership but if you interested in joining and recruiting for students for SLAC, contact us at

Possible topics to explore

While the topics SLAC will address will be student-driven, these are possible subjects we may explore:

  • Improving library spaces (including furniture and artwork)
  • Development of events in Poet's Corner to highlight student work
  • Service improvement
  • Creation of specific library instruction workshops
  • Website concerns/improvements
  • Marketing strategies

If you have a suggested topic or concern that you would like SLAC to address, please contact us.