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Film Studies

A delightful guide to Film Studies research and resources available at Whittier College.

What is a Reference Source?

"Reference works" is an overall term for resources that take an introductory approach to a particular subject and are meant to be consulted for definite items of information (rather than being read consecutively like you would read a novel). These generally include:

  • encyclopedias
  • introductory texts
  • dictionaries
  • atlases
  • almanacs
  • handbooks
  • biographical sources
  • indexes

Reference works are usually written by scholars and contain the essential information you ought to know before beginning more detailed research. Note: The term "reference works" is also sometimes used to refer to items that cannot be checked out from the library.

For more information, see our Intro to Library Research guide.

Print Reference Sources

The following is a select list of reference sources for film studies. Check the online catalog for a larger scope of reference sources.

‚ÄčEncyclopedia of film noir / by Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell.

Film and television : a guide to the reference literature / Mark Emmons

Blockbusters : a reference guide to film genres / Mark A. Graves and F. Bruce Engle

Dictionary of film terms: the aesthetic companion to film art / Frankie Eugene Beaver

The New York Times encyclopedia of film / Gene Brown (editor)

Glossary of film terms / compiled by John Mercer

Online Industry Data Sources

Some data sets are readily available online. However, specific demographic data are often only offered by specific companies for a high price, and some historical data can be difficult to locate. Below are some freely available online sites with select industry data.