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ENGL 410: Writing Renaissance Women: Home

A guide to resources for students in Wendy Furman-Adams' Writing Renaissance Women

About the ENGL 410 guide

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #209This online guide to research at Bonnie Bell Wardman Library (or "LibGuide") is intended to assist students as they prepare in-class presentations and research projects in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Wendy Furman-Adams' ENGL 410: Writing Renaissance Women (WRW).

As with the general English language and literature LibGuide, we intend this course site to be fluid, ever-changing, and dynamic as users contribute commentary, assistance, (constructive!) criticism, and suggestions for including additional resources.

Ideally, future WRW students will be able to capitalize upon and augment the discoveries and knowledge collected by the current community of WRW reader-researchers. 

To this end, we strongly encourage current WRW students to help improve the guide throughout the semester via the spaces allotted for commentary on individual pages, and/or by emailing the reference librarian (link at right).

Thank you for visiting!

Cindy Sherman, Untitled (#209), 1989. Color coupler print, 58 x 42 inches (147 x 106 cm). Digital image from


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