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Special Collections & Archives: Archives Guidelines & Policies



 The Whittier College Special Collections is available by appointment only. We are open to students of the college, faculty, and staff. We also welcome scholars from outside the Whittier College community to use our collections.


Those interested in using the collections must email the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian to make an appointment. All new readers must provide the staff with an ID to register for access.

While viewing collections, users may only use pencils, laptops, notebooks, and digital cameras. Staff has the right to refuse entry of any items they deem unfitting for the security of our collections. Staff also has the right to search users’ items upon leaving Special Collections. Food and drink are not allowed near our collections.


Many of the items in our Special Collections are rare, unique, or fragile. To ensure their continued stability, users must follow specific handling protocol. Please wash and dry your hands before using our collections. When viewing photographs, a set of gloves will be provided for your use. When photographs are in Mylar sleeves, please do not take the photograph out of the sleeve. Never lean on or set materials on top of our materials. Never write on or erase marks from our collections. All items from our collections must remain on the table at all times. Patrons are asked to use supports provided by our staff for bound volumes and to lay unbound materials flat on the table or other support. Please notify staff of any items which are in need of repair.


Reproduction requests must be made in writing to Wardman Library by filling out the Reproduction and Usage Request Form. Permission to photocopy and scan materials is at the discretion of the Archives Librarian and will be done by Archives staff at the expense of the patron. Patrons must follow the policies for reproduction and usage. Requests must be made in writing.

Patrons are allowed to use their own devices to take pictures of those materials not held in copyright and without restrictions. materials. Reproductions may not be done immediately, depending on staffing and amount of copying; copies can be picked up at a later time or emailed/mailed to the patron.

Reproduction and Usage Policies and Request Form

Acquisitions & Donations

The Special Collections & Archives at Wardman Library acquires materials that has research and historical value to the Whittier College community.  Records that reflect the College's yearly functions in the areas of administration, teaching, research, student activities, and cultural enrichment are actively collected, as are those documenting the achievements of faculty, staff, and students. Archival documents in all formats are deemed to have historical value if they relate directly to core values, mission, and activities of the Whittier College.

The Archives reserves the right to reject, deaccession, or dispose of materials that do not fit our collections, already exist within our collections, are too expensive to process and store, or that have unique copyright restrictions that do not allow researchers to access their information.

 If you have materials that you wish to donate to the College, please contact the Archives Librarian. 

We are currently looking to collect more materials related to the early life of Richard M. Nixon, Quaker life in the Western United States, or any documents related to the history of Whittier College.