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Psychology: Psyc 382 - Health Psychology

A guide to information resources in psychology

Outline of Information Resources



I.  U.S. Government Resources

            A. Department of Health and Human Services

                        1.  Affordable Care Act (2010) = Obamacare

                                    a.  See “About the Law"

                                                1. Key features

                                    b.  See "Facts and Features"

                                                1. ACA Timeline

                                                2.  Related links - State by State


II. Electronic Resources

A.  Consider the source!

            1.  How accessible are your sources?

                        a.  What role does social media play in finding information?

            2.  How reliable are your news sources?:  New York Times vs MSNBC, FoxNews, or a blog

            a. Scrutinize findings!

                b.  Watch for possible bias

2.  Current information is essential


            B  Google/Google Scholar

                        1.  Keyword search = Affordable Care Act enrollment by state

                                    a. Dispute over the number of enrollees nationally - 6 million?

                                                1.  Health care issues are heavily politicized

                                    b.  Are the figures accurate?


                         2. Keyword search = “Covered California” enrollment

                                   a.  California Healthline – “One-fourth of Covered California Enrollees Live in Los Angeles County"  2/3/14

                                   b.  UCLA – “Promoting Enrollment of Low Income Health Program Participants in Covered California”  4/15/13


D.  Newsbank  [campus network]  excellent resource for regional news service coverage

                        1.  Search = "Covered California"  enrollment

                                    a.  “County Trails State in Obamacare Sign-ups” 2/5/14

                                    b.  “Late Health Care Push to Focus on Biggest Cities”  2/5/14

                                    c.  “Capital-area Residents Rush to Sign Up for Health Plans”  2/4/14


            E.  Los Angeles Times Online

                        1.  Search = "Covered California" enrollment

                                    a.  "Covered California Gets Federal Money to Improve Services, Enrollment"  1/23/14


            F.  Whittier Daily News Online

                        1.  Search = “Covered California” enrollment

                                    a. "500,000 Californians Enrolled Into Health Plans, But Many Still Stay Away"  1/21/14

                                    b.  “Obamacare: Federal Health Care Sign-ups Reach 1 Million Mark”  12/30/13