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Moodle - Student QuickStart Guide: Choice

A quickstart guide for students using Moodle

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Moodle - Choice


  1. Locating a Choice
  2. Responding to a Choice

The Moodle Choice tool can be used for quick polls, registration, or other activities that require a quick response to a single question.

Locating a Choice

You can access Choices two ways.

Click on the Choice icon Choiceor name on your class page:

Click on the Choice icon in the list of activities:


You will then see a list of all the Choices for your class:

Choice List

Scroll down until you find the Choice you need. Click on the Choice name or icon to access that Choice.

Responding to a Choice

When you click on the Choice's name or icon, you will see the Choice:


The text or question will be at the top, with radio buttons below.  Select the appropriate option, then click on Save my choice.

If your instructor has made the results available, the page will refresh and you will see a table displaying the results so far.  The results may be anonymous:

Choice results

The results may also display the names of participants along with their choices:

Choice with names

If your instructor has not opted to make results immediately available, the page will refresh and you will see your choice displayed:

Choice No Results


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