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ENGL 400: Critical Procedures in Language and Literature: Web links

A guide to resources for students

About this page

This page contains alphabetically arranged links to open-source external sites related to the critpro syllabus.  They are meant to serve as a starting point for research questions and to provide contextual information for class discussions and the paper in the major.

Utilizing the Internet for research is an increasingly accepted practice that can be a boon, but researchers must still be wary. For important guidelines about using the Internet in doing research, please read the "Guidelines for doing research with free Web sources" box in the Citations and guidelines page on the general English language and literature LibGuide. For information about using primary sources you find online, see the ALA Reference and User Services Association's Using Primary Sources on the Web.

General resources


Structuralism & linguistics




New historicism


Gender studies & queer studies

Postcolonial studies