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ENGL 400: Critical Procedures in Language and Literature: Reference works

A guide to resources for students

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Because the theory-related reference works at Wardman Library tend to be general in scope, we have included representative non-reference works in the following selective lists; since non-reference works circulate, some of these books may be checked out at any given time. Also note that because Wardman Library holds many first editions of mid-century works, a few sections below contain more than a few primary sources (e.g. Formalism). However, in the main, the selected works that follow are topical explorations or anthologies.

Remember that reference works should be utilized at the beginning of a project in order to guide subsequent research questions. Generally, although reference works should be listed in a "works consulted" list, they are not considered works worthy of citation, but will lead a researcher to appropriate secondary and primary sources that are.


Gender studies & queer theory


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