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ENGL 410: Writing Renaissance Women: Find articles

A guide to resources for students in Wendy Furman-Adams' Writing Renaissance Women

About this page

WRW students should remember that Whittier College is a four-year liberal arts college, not a major research institution.  This is neither good nor bad, but it does mean that Wardman Library does not collect scholarly journals on the level of, say, UCLA or Stanford.

In the course of their research, students will be able to find many articles in the Wardman Library print journal collection, or in the digital journals in our electronic databases. However, inevitably, there will be articles a researcher needs in journals to which the library does not subscribe, and especially in upper division courses like ENGL 410.  In this case, students should arrange to travel to a major research library, or make judicious use of Wardman Library's interlibrary loan system.

This page is divided into two sections -- Databases and Interlibrary loan -- which are derived from the Find articles page on the general English language and literature LibGuide.


Researchers should find that the following general list of databases includes links to articles in journals that take up subjects related to the themes and ideas that will be examined in WRW.  Compiled by Mary Augugliaro and Joanna Perez, a my.whittier username and password are required.

Interlibrary loan

If you need an article in a journal to which Wardman Library does not subscribe, or the article is outside of the scope of the library's holdings, you still have the option of using interlibrary loan.

Once you have checked the Journal Titles A-Z listings thoroughly  and you are sure the library does not own or have access to a journal, you can request the article you need by arranging an interlibrary loan (ILL).

  • Click here. Or, from the library homepage click on LIBRARY CATALOG, and in the lower right hand side of the page click on the “Interlibrary loan and document delivery” link. 
  • Choose what type of material you need to borrow (in this case, journal article).
  • Next, sign in with your name and your library card number, which is the barcode number from you student ID.
  • Fill in the full citation for the article, and click submit. 

Your request may take anywhere from three to four days to a week or more depending on the lending library.  You will receive an email when the article is ready to be picked up at the circulation desk in the library.