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Biology: Biology 115 - Animal Behavior

A guide to information resources in the life sciences

Biology 115 - Animal Behavior



I. Type of topic:

            A. biological

            B. historical

            C. biographical


II. Finding a Book on Your Topic

            A. See the online catalog

                        1. If no title is available at WC, try Link+

                                    a. Select an ILL  if Link+ is unsuccessful


III. Online Resources

            A.  General search:  Google

                        1. Pay attention to your sources!

                                    a.  Wikipedia:  is this a reliable site?

                                    b. Other www sites:  are these always trustworthy?

            B.  Library website:  familiarize yourself!

`                       1.  Open “Find Books & Articles”

                        2.  Select “Search Databases”

                              a.  Select “Subject Databases” – "Biology"

                              b.  Search full text databases: "Science Direct:  Health & Life Sciences Collection"; Academic OneFile; JSTOR; Public Library of Science                               (PLOS); Wilson OmniFile

                                    i. Apply search limits: select “full text” and/or peer-reviewed (i.e., “scholarly”) journals to narrow your search

                        3.  “Journal Titles A to Z List” provides information on print and online periodical holdings—details coverage and format options

                        4.  Refer to specific “Subject Research Guides” (e.g. “Biology,”* or “History,” or “Psychology” )


IV.  Recommended Databases

               A.  General Database Coverage:  Academic OneFile; Britannica Online; NewsBank (for current newspapers); Oxford Reference Online; Gale Virtual                   Reference Library; Wilson OmniFile

                         1.  Biology Topic Searches: recommended databases – Academic OneFile; Medline; Public Library of Science (PLOS); Science Direct                            College Edition; WilsonOmniFile

                         2.  Historical:  Google Scholar; Historic New York Times Collection; JSTOR; Project Muse

                         3.  Biographical: Biography in Context; JSTOR; NewsBank; PsycINFO





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