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Religious Studies: Web links

A guide to doing religious studies research in Bonnie Bell Wardman Library.

About this page

The links below refer students to materials that they may draw on to assist in the work they prepare for their religious studies courses at Whittier College:

In addition to these links, students may also find the following helpful as they think about L.A. as a provocative context for studying religion and as they consider the possibility of further studies in religion during and beyond the undergraduate level:

Please note that these links are not at all exhaustive, but meant to serve as a starting point for research questions.

Utilizing the Internet for research is an increasingly accepted practice that can be a boon, but researchers must still be wary. For important guidelines about using the Internet in doing research, please read the "Guidelines for doing research with free Web sources" box in the Citations and guidelines page, above. For information about using primary sources you find online, see the ALA Reference and User Services Association's Using Primary Sources on the Web.




Comparative religion




Professional/academic organizations and information

Whittier-area religious establishments and institutions

The department gathers data on religious institutions in and around the College in order to (1) have a good, student-friendly index of fieldwork sites as we continue to focus on the local community as our learning environment; (2) make our data available to civic and community groups; and (3) help inform researchers of the immense religious diversity in the area. This information is maintained with student help; if you see an error or have a suggestion, send an email to

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