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Sociology: Watch online

A guide to doing sociology research at Bonnie Bell Wardman Library

About this page

This page comprises annotated links to online videos and documentary series related directly to the sociology curriculum, as well as tangential programs that provide social-historical and cultural background for specific topics. Links are arranged alphabetically by title.

The following media should be viewable in their entirety; if you find this is not the case, please email the subject librarian (link at right).

And remember that Wardman Library has many DVDs related to the sociology curriculum, all of which circulate.

Online videos

Affluenza (KCIS via TDF)
"Affluenza examines the high cost of achieving the most extravagant lifestyle the world has ever seen. Last year, Americans, who make up only five percent of the world’s population, used nearly a third of its resources and produced almost half of its hazardous waste. ... Many are opting out of the consumer chase, redefining the Dream ... Affluenza travels across the country to show you men and women who are working and shopping less, spending more time with friends and family, volunteering in their communities, and enjoying their lives more."

"The site offers full streaming video and podcasts of Moyers & Company online-only essays, analytical blogs, interactive features, as well as an extensive video library of Moyers’ past work.  For the first time, users can browse and view hundreds of Bill Moyers programs, such as the landmark series Bill Moyers Journal, and NOW with Bill Moyers, covering a wide range of topics including the economy, faith and reason, money and politics, war, media, and the arts.  Combined with dedicated platforms on Facebook and Twitter, invites citizens hungering for smart, civil discourse to dig deeper, think harder, and participate in the conversation of democracy." Scroll down after the jumps to see videos by topic:

Videos by topic: Social Change -- Equality -- Democracy & Government -- Money and Politics -- Veterans & War -- Media

American Experience (PBS)   
The official website of the award-winning documentary series by WGBH Boston, with over 200 full-length documentaries online, as well as supplementary material and companion websites.

American Experience: Series homepage

The index portion of FRONTLINE's official website, including links to full-length online films from the series. Users can use the "Reports By Category" column (at right after the jump) to isolate films about particular subjects (e.g. Social Issues, Religion, Health, etc.).

FRONTLINE: Series homepage

IN THE LIFE | Documentary stories from the gay experience
The website of the award-winning documentary film series, featuring the current episode as well as an archive of past films, all of which can be viewed in their entirety online.

IN THE LIFE: Series hompeage

Judith Butler: philosophe en tout genre
(Documentaire Arte via
An hour-long French documentary featuring this gender studies pioneer; Butler begins speaking (in English) at 1:10 of part 1.

Judith Butler: philosophe en tout genre

Mike Davis interview (Bill Moyers Journal)
An interview with urban studies star Mike Davis, in this interview talking about post-Obama economics and politics.

Mike Davis interview

No Logo: Brands, Globalization, and Resistance (mef via TDF)

"No Logo, based on the best-selling book by Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein, reveals the reasons behind the backlash against the increasing economic and cultural reach of multinational companies. Analyzing how brands like Nike,The Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger became revered symbols worldwide, Klein argues that globalization is a process whereby corporations discovered that profits lay not in making products (outsourced to low-wage workers in developing countries), but in creating branded identities people adopt in their lifestyles. Using hundreds of media examples, No Logo shows how the commercial takeover of public space, destruction of consumer choice, and replacement of real jobs with temporary work –- the dynamics of corporate globalization –- impact everyone, everywhere. It also draws attention to the democratic resistance arising globally to challenge the hegemony of brands."

No Logo

Prelinger Archives (via Internet Archive)
The Prelinger Archives comprise over 2,100 so-called "ephemeral films," mainly produced in the United States in the middle twentieth century. Items include vintage commercials, Civil Defense films, political archival footage (e.g. the Nixon-Kennedy debates), and educational productions.

Prelinger Archives

Sociology is a Martial Art
(C-P Productions & VF Films via
Director Pierre Carles' documentary about the life and work of French sociologist, political activist, and academic celebrity Pierre Bourdieu, here split into a playlist of seven parts.

Sociology is a Martial Art

The Times of Harvey Milk
(Black Sand Productions via Hulu)

Before Sean Penn's 2008 Oscar-nominated docudrama MILK, there was The Times of Harvey Milk, which won an Oscar for best documentary in 1985. The film intersperses interviews with Milk's supporters, friends, and colleagues with archival footage from the 1970s and 1980s.

The Times of Harvey Milk


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