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Philosophy: Find Books

A one stop guide for Philosophical research.

Finding Books in the Library

Like to Browse?

The following Library of Congress classifications may be useful when browsing the shelves at the Library for additional materials in philosphy. You'll find 'B' located on the Mezzanine. Additional materials (such as government documents,  and reference books) may be found on the first floor.

B Philosophy (General)

B 1–8 Periodicals
B 41–52 General Reference Works
B 53–67"Theory. Method. Scope. relations"

B 69–4695 History & Systems

B 69–105 General Works
B 108–118 Ancient
B 121–161"Orient"
B 165–491 Greece
B 505–626 Greco-Roman Philosophy
B 630–708 Alexandrian and Early Christian Philosophy
B 720–765 Medieval Philosophy
B 770–785 Renaissance Philosophy

B 790–4695 Modern Philosophy

B 791–804 General Works
B 808–843 Special Topics
B 851–945 United States
B 981–995 Canada
B 1001–1084 Latin America
B 1111–England
B 1801–2430 France
B 2521–3396 Germany & Austria
B 3501–3515 Modern Greece
B 3551–3656 Italy
B 3801–4175 The Netherlands & Belgium
B 4201–4279 Russia
B 4301–4495 Scandinavia
B 4511–4598 Spain & Portugal
B 4625–4651 Switzerland
B 4681–4695 Other European Countries

BC Logic

B 9 Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
BC 11–39 History
BC 25–39 By period
BC 60–99 General Works
BC 171–199 Special Topics

BD Speculative Philosophy

BD 10–41 General Philosophical Works
BD 95–131 Metaphysics
BD 143–237 Epistemology
BD 300–450 Ontology
BD 193–701 Cosmology
BD 620–655 Space, time, matter & motion

BH Aesthetics

BH 39–41 Theory. scope. relations
BH 61–63 Study & teaching
BH 81–221 History & Systems
BH 301 Special Subjects A–Z

BJ Ethics

BJ 1–8 Periodicals
BJ 37–60 Relations to other topics
BJ 63 Dictionaries & encyclopedias
BJ 71–982 History
BJ 101–982 By region and period
BJ 990–1185 General works & textbooks
BJ 1188–1295 Religious ethics
BJ 1395 Feminist ethics
BJ 1400–1500 Special topics
BJ 1518–1697 Individual ethicsBD1533 Virtues
BD 1534–1535 Vices
BD 1545–1691 Practical & applied ethics
BJ 1725 Ethics of social groups, including professional ethics
BJ 1801–2195 Etiquette

Search the Library Catalog

Have you narrowed down your topic? Do you have all the background information you need and find yourself ready to get more in depth research? If you answered YES then you are ready to:

Search the Catalog

You can find books in Wardman Library by searching the online Catalog.




When searching the online catalog, a basic search will let you search by keyword, title, author, subject or call number. An advanced search will let you search by a combination of these fields, as well as by format, language, location, and date.

Finding Books the Library Doesn't Own

LINK+ is a consortium of over 50 public and academic libraries in California and Nevada. Whittier College patrons can electronically request an item not available in Wardman Library and have it is delivered to them in 2-4 days. The service is free and extremely convenient. The loan period is 21 days with one renewal. Go to our Link+ page to get started and follow the prompts below:

  • Search for the book by Title, Keyword, Subject etc. and select “Submit.”
  • If your title is available you will be able to select “Request this Item.”
  • Follow the prompts to enter your name and barcode number located on the back of your student ID.
  • Items arrive in the library in about 2 to 4 days and will be held for up to 10 days. The loan period is 21 days with one renewal. The late fees are $1/day. 

If the item you are searching for is not available through LINK+, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.