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Item Request Procedures

To request access to materials in our collections in person please call Becky Ruud, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. Make sure you fill out the form below so we can have your items available when you visit.

If you are not able to come in person, please fill out the form in the link below to request materials. We are glad to reproduce images from our collections for a fee. We do not allow any of our materials to circulate or leave the library.  


The Special Collections & Archives is available for research by appointment only.

Please contact the Archives Librarian for an appointment.

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Current Exhibits

Watergate Through Satire: An Interactive Exhibit

The Watergate Through Satire exhibit explores the link between event and legacy. Perhaps the most satirized president of our time is President Richard Nixon. Film, art, political cartoons, animation, television, almost every popular culture outlet has touched on the presidency of Richard Nixon. From the bank robbers in Point Break to board games, satire has had a clear victim in Nixon.

This exhibit features items from the Wardman Library’s Special Collections, most notably the Byram Peck Collection of Richard Nixon Ephemera. Included are political cartoons linking Nixon to Shakespeare’s villains and tragic heroes, Nixon seen as a used car salesman, Nixon in a web of his own making, and Nixon as mobster- themes that emerged in many cartoons of the time. Many companies made board games, like the chess board and Watergate Scandal card game seen in the exhibit. Toys, coloring books, masks, clocks, watches, audio records, and artwork tell the story of Watergate Through Satire.

Perhaps most poignant are the covers of Time Magazine. Every month of 1973 features the Watergate scandal or Richard Nixon on their cover. Time’s Man of the Year in 1973 was President Richard Nixon, and by January of 1974 the Man of the Year was Judge Siricia of the Watergate burglars. 

This exhibit is the first time that Special Collections has collaborated with the  DigLibArts staff to create a truly interactive exhibit. Using the Layar app, visitors can link to websites, videos, and other digital content while viewing our in person exhibit! We are very excited for this enhanced ability to host a multimedia experience.

The Not-So-Perfect Pitch: Nixon and Baseball

The exhibit case at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor features materials on loan from the Baseball Reliquary in honor of our new Institute for Baseball Studies at Whittier College. The exhibit was curated and installed by the Baseball Reliquary to tie into our lobby display on Nixon and Watergate. Featured in this exhibit is the connections between President Nixon and his"dream team". Below is a photo of Jackie Robinson and Richard Nixon taken in 1960 to commemorate Robinson's support of the Nixon campaign. See more images like this in the exhibit at Wardman Library!

Richard Nixon meets Jackie Robinson


Collection strengths include:

 The Whittier College Archives and Special Collections contain materials relating to our institutional history, Quaker history, John Greenleaf Whittier, and notable alumni Jessamyn West and former president Richard M. Nixon. Our collections also include the libraries of Lola Hoffman and Jessamyn West and many audio-visual materials. We have recently acquired a wonderful collection of rare Quaker books and will be cataloging those soon. To find more information regarding these collections, click on the tabs above. 

Special Collections & Archives @ Wardman Library

The Special Collections & Archives is the official home for Whittier College's historical documents, photographs, publications, and other campus- related collections. Its purpose is to document the history of the College and the surrounding Whittier community and to provide primary source materials for students, faculty, alumni, scholars, genealogists, and other research minded persons.

Core Mission

The core mission of the Special Collections & Archives is as follows:

To appraise, collect, arrange, describe, make available, and preserve materials of historical value directly related to Whittier College, its students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community.

To provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of historical documents related to the College, its history, and mission.

To provide research services to all persons interested in the archival collections.