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Angels In America: Getting Started

A starting point for students researching the Tony Kushner play, Angels in America at Wardman Library, Whittier College.


Welcome to the "Angels in America" research guide: a resource for students at Whittier College reading Kushner's play as part of the First-Year Experience program. Use the information below the find background information on the cultural context of the play. For books and articles that specifically address the play, select the "Recommended Resources" tab above. Of course, if you have any questions or need help finding information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Read and Watch the Play

Wardman Library has both the text and the HBO production of Angels in America on reserve. Visit the front desk for more information on how to check out a copy.

Recommended Databases

If you are just beginning your research, we recommend you start with one of these interdisciplinary databases:

For more specific information on the play, its author, critical reception, and adaptations, try one of these discipline-specific databases:

About Tony Kushner

tony kushner 

For information about Tony Kushner, his writings, awards, and life, we recommend Gale's Biography in Content database.


The PBS show FRONTLINE has two great documentaries on AIDS and Mormanism in America. You can watch the full program, read extended interviews, explore maps, timelines, and more!

Overview of the Play

For an overview of the play, its characters, and themes, start with these selections from Gale's Literature Resource Center and the Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Background Information: Books